Loot Crate

I worked as a UX designer for LootCrate.com on the eCommerce team. I also regularly collaborate with our UX and mobile team to define user goals, information architecture, taxonomy, and wireframes for our site redesigns. 

A major project I designed the first version of “Gifts”, it was created specifically for friends and loved ones who need an easy way of gifting one of our subscriptions.  The sender chooses a gift and sizing information for the recipient, an email notification is sent to the sender and recipient and the recipient is able to change address and sizing information provided by the sender. This project has grossed over $300,000 for the Holiday season and was released just before Black Friday 2016. 

For Gifts I worked alongside cross-functional team members in a workshop which resulted in a customer journey map. The customer journey map set goals to inform design and prototypes of the first version, and we later did usability testing.

Our team also did a major checkout page redesign which increased overall conversion 16%, and designed an cross-sell for a Loot Wear which was grossed +$3.4M in the first year. 

Google Chrome - gifting.png
customer_journey_map_halo (1).png